Podcast: Sherlock Holmes 2, The Dark Knight Rises, Margaret, & more

Its a blockbuster show this week, in every sense of the word. Well, ok, really more in the sense that we talk ABOUT blockbusters. But hey, that’s pretty cool also.

We kick it off with an exciting ‘outside broadcast’ (radio slang) recorded at one of the recent preview screenings for The Dark Knight Rises, with Rhys and a couple of loyal bat-a-fans (shout out to Chris and Ed) dissecting the first 6 minutes of Nolan’s back-breakingly hyped epic. Then its back to the studio for a discussion of the decidedly less blockbustery Margaret, and the role of the film critic these days (10:37). There is a little of the pot calling the kettle important here, but you’ll get over it. Then its our big review (16:40) of the new Sherlock Holmes, SH:AG o’ Shadows (my abbreviation, not theirs), which dovetails nicely into a general chat about the big blockbusters of 2011 (31:16). Do stay to the end (41:30), where we brief you on our exciting plans for a triple bill of end-of-year podcast specials.

You can listen in several ways. You can subscribe on iTunessubscribe via RSS, or download it directly.

To get in contact, you can email us at razzmatazzpodcast@gmail.com, find us on twitter at @joecunningham14 and @rhys, or comment below on this blog post. And if you’ve got a spare moment, do give us a review in iTunes.

As we mention on the show, we’re going to change things up a little for the next three episodes, putting the ‘special’ into ‘special year-end editions of the podcast’. Next week, its our top ten biggest stories/trends/ideas from the year in movies. You wouldn’t dare miss it! Actually, would you? It would hurt me if you would. I kind of need your approval/love. Anyway, have a great week!


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    […] the reason that Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes sequel was met with a slightly more muted critical response than it’s inferior predecessor was due […]

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