Blogalongabond #12: For Your Eyes Only

New Year’s Eve, there’s always so much build up and it never quite lives up to the expectation. Well not this year, because I’ve been catching up on my Blogalongabondage. We’re deep into the Moore years and after Moonraker we were all feeling a bit low and feverishly looking forward to our Dalton fix in March. But then For Your Eyes Only came along and it was actually kind of good, a little bit different to some of the identikit Bonds that have come before, and not completely ridiculous. Sure, Arrested Development has forever tainted the title, but that’s neither here nor there. This is good, solid Bond and closer to the top than the bottom of the post-Connery films so far.

Title Sequence: Wait, so this is new. The singer of the title song, Sheena Easton, is on screen inside the silhouettes and I don’t like it one bit. If her song was any good then I might be okay with it, but it’s not and I’m not. John Barry was otherwise engaged and as a result Bill Conti stepped in to provide the score – and I wasn’t a fan of that either.

Meeting 007: The pre-title sequence is very odd indeed Bond visits Tracy’s grave (which I liked), but then gets involved in a bit of a ridiculous ruck with a bald villain in a wheelchair WHO IS IN NO WAY BLOFELD! And it’s a good job it’s not him too, because if it had have been then the series would have totally reduced one of their greatest villains to a virtual laughing stock. Phew, glad it’s not him then.

MI6: There was a bit of an M-shaped hole back at MI6, so it’s a good job that Q really stepped up his game. I feel that this was the point where Desmond Llewellyn cemented himself as an icon within the series and really started toe get a bit more attention and come into his own. The scene in the confession box is an excellent laugh out loud moment and I’m always happy to see Q pop up.

Car: A bright yellow Citroen. Mega LOLZ. The car chase is still pretty cool though.

Pussy Galore?: Why are American Bond girls always really annoying? I know that was the point this time, but still. Malina Havelock, on the other hand, is anything but. She’s lovely and attractive of course, but she’s also a well-constructed character with real motivations and a character arc and whatnot. She’s my joint favourite (with The Spy Who Loved Me’s Anya) of Moore’s Bond girls so far.

Villain: First of all, I love the misdirect as to who the villain is. Kristatos playing off the different characters to begin with is brilliant spy fodder and it keeps the middle act interesting. I have to say though, I did prefer the dynamics the other way round and wasn’t particularly impressed by Julian Glover’s villainous qualities. His plot isn’t all that villainous either – are we supposed to care that much about whether or not he sells the MacGuffin to a Russian who barely gives a shit?

Henchmen: There’s this guy who kills some people and then Bond kicks his car off a cliff. I don’t remember his name though.

Chums: I immediately had a soft spot for the Italian agent Luigi because Luigi’s my middle name (seriously), and I was kinda sad then when he bagged it. As I stated before, I liked the misdirect with Kristatos and Colombo, and I liked him just fine until his rapey wink regarding young Bibi right at the end.

Best Bit: There weren’t all that many stand-out moments, nor were there any particularly egregious ones either. So in a solid movie I think my favourite bit was Q appearing in the confession booth and whipping off his fake beard. What a guy!

Current Bondometer Ranking: 6th (Bonds Ranked: 12)


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