Podcast: The Hunger Games, Contraband & More

It’s one of the most anticipated films of the year, and it opened to a mammoth $155 million opening at the US box office over the weekend. It’s The Hunger Games, and we’re reviewing it this week on The Razzmatazz Show (featuring bonus Caleb Landry-Jones content).

In our first segment we talk about some of the other films out in cinemas at the moment that we’ve caught up with over the past week. This week that’s the surprisingly good Contraband, and the unsurprisingly awful The Devil Inside. For our main review we pick over the bloody remains of The Hunger Games, and we try our best to keep our thoughts on the book and the film separate. To wrap things up we have a chat about the other films released this week which includes a short review of Act of Valour, and then we have a chat about Veronica Mars in the ‘what we’ve been watching’ segment.

You can listen to the show in several ways. You can subscribe on iTunessubscribe via RSS, or download it directly here.

To get in contact, you can email us at razzmatazzpodcast@gmail.com, find us on twitter at @joecunningham14 and @rhys, or comment below on this blog post. You can also search for us and ‘like’ us on facebook.

On next week’s show we think we’ll be talking Wrath of the Titans, but Pirates!, Tiny Furniture, and Street Dance 2 will all also be in cinemas.


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